From the editors

Dear Currents Subscriber: For several months the editorial team of Currents in Theology and Mission has been discussing an exciting new possibility related to the future of Currents. We have come to the decision that the time is right for Currents to become a fully online, open access journal. While this means that beginning in 2016 Currents no longer will appear as a printed journal, it also offers many advantages. The journal will become free of charge for our loyal subscribers, while at the same time opening up the contents of our established publication to a whole new world of readers across the globe. Moreover, this new mode of delivery makes the production of Currents financially sustainable in an unprecedented way. We send you this letter because we want to give our readers ample notice of the change that will take place a year from now.

We especially thank you, our loyal readers over the years, for subscribing to Currents and ask your continued support and readership as we move to our new format in 2016. We pledge to you our continued commitment to deliver a quality theological journal in support of the ministry and mission of the church as it responds to the ever-changing signs of the times. This new opportunity expands the outreach of Currents in Theology and Mission in exciting ways. Open access means that anyone, anywhere in the world, will be able to become readers and students of our journal.

We will continue to publish Currents in its print format through 2015, in order to give our readers ample time to be informed about how to access the journal in the future and to honor subscriptions already purchased. We gladly will accept one-year subscriptions for 2015, but urge our readers not to extend their subscriptions beyond 2015. If there is any money to be refunded, we certainly will do this upon request, even while allowing readers the opportunity to contribute any remaining amount to support the future of Currents.

Starting in 2015 we will publish the journal quarterly (four issues per year) in January, April, July, and October. The Currents staff, including Barbara Lundblad, the new editor of Preaching Helps, is working to ensure that the lectionary-based preaching commentaries (together with the other articles on timely issues facing the church) will appear well in advance of when readers may desire to use these particular resources.

In future issues we will provide readers ample information about how to easily access Currents in its new online format. In the meantime, we look forward to your continued readership and support as we move into the future together.

Kathleen D. Billman, S.D. Giere, Craig L. Nessan


Special ELCA Book of Faith Initiative issue available for download

The June, 2014 issue of Currents in Theology and Mission is dedicated to reflecting upon, learning from, celebrating, and furthering the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Book of Faith Initiative. In this issue you will find voices, perspectives, and ideas of many leaders within this church committed to the importance of engagement with God’s written word for the life of the church.

You can download the entire issue here.


About Currents in Theology and Mission

Currents is published by the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, in cooperation with Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and Wartburg Theological Seminary.

Kathleen D. (Kadi) Billman, John H. Tietjen Professor of Pastoral Ministry, represents the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago; editors from Wartburg Theological Seminary are Samuel Giere, Associate Professor of Homiletics and Biblical Interpretation; and Craig L. Nessan, Academic Dean & Professor of Contextual Theology. Barbara Lundblad is editor of Preaching Helps. Ann Rezny is Assistant Editor. Our Circulation Manager is River Needham. (

Each issue of Currents contains six or seven essays, book reviews, and exegetical and homiletical resources for every Sunday and major festival in the church year. The latter section is entitled “Preaching Helps”.

Currents aims to provide resources for mission, ministry, and theological growth for pastors, diaconal ministers, associates in ministry, and other church leaders.

Those who would like to contribute to Currents should refer to the guidelines by following the EDITORIAL GUIDELINES link found on the left side of this Currents home page.